Who we are

Yorùbá Heritage International Limited, is an indigenous company that is building a solid reputation in the promotion of cultural heritage, traditional assets and the core values of the Yorùbá people.
We are the first Pan Yorùbá brand primarily dedicated to promoting Yorùbá heritage, enlightening the people and raising awareness on issues that borders on the unity, progress and development of the race while identifying and rewarding exceptional leadership, outstanding achievements and communal impact simultaneously.
We are proud publishers of Oduduwa and Yoruba Heritage International Magazines. Both publications are primarily dedicated to identifying, promoting, celebrating and sustaining the rich heritage of the Yoruba people as well as the core values that defines them.
We are irrevocably committed to agitations and advocacy on issues that seek to promote, protect and guarantee the development, advancement and overall welfare of Yoruba people all over the world.

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Building a Yoruba nation of our collective dreams where contents of character conforms with the core values of our forefathers.

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To be a leading brand in the promotion of the rich cultural values and heritage of the Yoruba people.
We Invite all the Yoruba people living in Lagos, Oyo, Osun, Ondo, Ekiti and every where in Nigeria and in Diaspora to join us in progress of promoting the Heritage of the Yoruba.

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Yoruba Heritage Intl. Is Connecting The Yorubas Everywhere

The presence of the Yoruba people are visible all over the world. Yoruba Heritage International is taking it up as a task to create a meeting platform for these wonderful race. 

Over 100 Million Yorubas Across The Globe

Over 2.5 Million Yorubas In Four African Countries

Over 40 Million Yorubas In Nigeria

Yoruba Heritage International Always Reward Excellence Among the Yorubas (See evidence in the slides below)

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